Duluth Carpet Restoration

Carpet is a great investment to have at home and its state depends on how much traffic it gets. If you have children and pets, your carpet is likely to get dirty due to high traffic. If you stay alone, your carpet will still get dirty as a result of dust and stains. When you realize that your carpet is not having the glory you’d want, the first thing to think about is new carpeting. Well, that’s not a bad idea at all as a new carpet can turn around the look of your home and cushion your feet, but have you ever thought about restoring your carpet? If not, we have good news for you as we will tell you about carpet restoration in Duluth Georgia.


Your carpet contributes to indoor air quality by trapping and filtering allergens, particles, and other contaminants and traps them in the floor. If left unattended, the carpet you love so much may affect the health of your pets and children. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because we at Atlanta Carpet Restoration are here for you. Besides making your old carpet look new again, we thoroughly clean them to protect your investment and ensure you have good health all year round. Basically, we are specialized in various cleaning services such as residential carpet cleaning, water damage repair and restoration, commercial carpet cleaning, professional furniture cleaning, pet odor and stain removal on carpets, and area rug cleaning. Choose us today and give your carpet a new life.

About Atlanta Carpet Restoration

Atlanta Carpet Restoration is based in Atlanta, GA. We are bonded, licensed and insured, and therefore, you have all the reasons to trust us on your carpet restoration. We have a team of dedicated, experienced, well-trained, and trustworthy staffs who are there at your service to clean your carpet professionally at a competitive price. What makes us exceptional is the fact that we use state-of-the-art eco-friendly cleaning products to not only leave your carpet sparkling clean but also ensure it’s safe for your pets, children, and any other person sensitive to chemicals. Besides, the products we use don’t leave a sticky residue on your carpet and dries after a few hours so you won’t have to wait the entire day to have your carpet in your house.

Our cleaning technique is not guesswork; we follow a 5-step procedure with great results as follows;

  • Pre-inspecting the areas to clean in order to identify the problem
  • Pre-treating to make embedded soils and stains lose
  • Deep scrubbing, steaming, and extraction to remove dirt as well as the cleaning solution
  • A final inspection to ensure the carpet is clean
  • Carpet drying between 3-5 hours after treatment

If you are tired of your carpet because you spend a lot of time to get the job done without success, come to us. We promise you 100% satisfaction guarantee. If in any case, you are dissatisfied with the results, we will re-clean your carpet and you won’t pay a dime. We are a serious carpet cleaning company ready to give you a healthy and clean environment at an affordable rate, and therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us for your carpet restoration.

Duluth, Georgia – Things to do

Whether you are new in Duluth or a local, there are so many things you can do over and over again and never get bored. It is actually one of the best cities in the United States you can head to when feeling down and renew your strength to face life with enthusiasm. It has a lot to offer to you as an individual and families alike. With so many attractions and activities in the city, here is a list of top things you can do.

  1. Have a walk with your pet along Chattapoochee Dog Park

Chattapoochee Dog Park is located along the Chattahoochee River and the best place to spend time with your dog. The park boasts a one-acre grass field for small dogs and a two-acre field for large dogs. To make it even more interesting, the park provides agility equipment, interactive water fountains, as well as dog waste bags.

  1. Spend time with your kids at HippoHopp Indoor Playground

Do you have children? If yes, there’s no better way to spend time with them than heading to the HippoHopp Indoor Playground. The place is suitable for kids of all ages and by bringing yours here, they will keep the memories for a lifetime. The place has amazing play structures such as three-lane obstacles course, indoor maze, and rock-climbing wall to say the least. When your kids are busy playing, you can keep yourself busy with friends on your social media networks thanks to the free Wi-Fi, or if you don’t want to stay connected, there are big screen televisions just for you.

  1. Spend time with your lovebird at McDaniel Farm Park

It is likely that you wake up early in the morning to head to work and get back home late in the evening as you try to make ends meet. Well, it’s a great thing to work but what about having precious time with your family? During the weekend, head to McDaniel Farm Park with your lovebird and have a wonderful time. The park is a former cotton farm and measures 134 acres. It provides three miles of trails, picnic facilities, and the two of you can enjoy tours of the farm structures.

  1. Energize yourself at Dave & Buster’s

Are you feeling bored at your workplace? If yes, head to Dave & Buster’s and create new memories that will stay in your heart many years to come. Basically, Dave & Buster’s is a restaurant and entertainment center that boasts arcade, redemption games along with billiard tables and air hockey. It’s also a great place to seep your favorite cold beer and finger licking meals and if sports is in your blood, there are televisions that enhance your viewing experience.

  1. Head to West Gwinnett Park & Aquatic Center

Do you love waters? If yes, there’s no better way to spend your day than heading to West Gwinnett Park & Aquatic Center, situated on 23 acres. It boasts competition and instructional pools, leisure along with spray pad and water slides. You can as well walk side by side with your lovebird or kids through the walking track, or rest on either of the two grass athletic fields. Whatever the case, you will have an amazing time and be glad you read this article and found this place.

  1. Have fun at $10 River Tubing

Does $10 River Tubing ring a bell on your mind? If yes, you already know how it feels to be there but if you have not been there, don’t worry as we will tell you what it is. $10 River Tubing is a company that gives people like you an opportunity to enjoy yourself by floating down a river on an inflated tire tube. The activity is fun especially when doing it with friends and family, and the best thing is that you can participate for either two or four hours at a time the entire day. So what are you waiting for? Head to $10 River Tubing and have fun.

Duluth, Georgia – History and demographics

Duluth is a city that lies northeast side of Atlanta and West Central of Gwinnett. The name ‘Duluth’ originated from Daniel Greysolon Du Luth (1636-1710), a French captain and explorer who negotiated and signed treaties between different nations in the area around Duluth city, Minnesota. In the 1800s, the area was occupied by Cherokee Indians. In 1921, a cotton farmer and a merchant famously known as Evan Howell from North Carolina settled in the area near Chattahoochee River where he built his home and brought his people and created Howell’s Cross Roads. The settlement became Howell’s Crossing until 1871 when the railroad was established and the name changed to Duluth. The railroad came with new prosperity and growth which boosted Duluth’s economy, and it was the same year that a Methodist church was formed.

In 1876, the Georgia General Assembly approved Duluth’s official charter and in 1886, the Baptist church was formed. Establishment of the school also started and in 1870, the first public school was built and the first brick school in 1907 was built which was later destroyed by fired in 1935. Due to the economic and population growth, the first bank in Duluth was established in 1906 and Duluth became the city officially in 1906. In 1943, Joan Glancy Hospital was built as the first hospital in Duluth.

According to 2018’s statistics, Duluth has a population of 86,164 making it the 387th largest city in the U.S. The median age in Duluth is 34 and nearly 44% of the city’s population aged 15 years and above are married, 1% speak Spanish, and 95% speak English.

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