Area Rug Cleaning

Types of Rugs We Clean

  • Handmade, Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistani and Dhurry
  • Machine made ( Wilton, Axminister and Karastan)
  • Any area rug made of wool, virgin wool, silk, cotton, blends, nylon and olefin
  • Dry-clean only rugs

When Cleaning your Area Rugs with Atlanta Carpet Restoration we provide you with the following:

  • Pre-Inspection for type of material, condition, dye stability, stains and overall soiling to determine the best process to clean your rugs
  • We can clean area rugs on-site or at our facility, if performed on-site we carefully prepare the surrounding area to protect it during the process
  • Pre-Vacuum both sides of the rug to remove any loose soil and debris.
  • Pre-Treat stains and heavily soiled areas
  • Carefully agitate to loosen stains and soil
  • Complete steam cleaning with rinse and extraction leaving your rugs almost dry to the touch
  • Clean and brighten fringe on rugs