Why You Need a Professional for Water Damaged Carpet

Why You Need a Professional for Water Damaged Carpet

With the internet and do it yourself shows, why wouldn?t you restore your own water damaged carpets?  You could find out how to do it with a few clicks on the computer and running down the local store and renting some equipment- no big deal.  Or is it?  You might discover that it is best to ask yourself these four questions and call Atlanta Carpet Restoration first:

  1. How bad is the water damage to the carpets? Can I determine a proper water restoration and water removal plan?  Is my great plan up to IICRC standards?
  2. How good of a job will that rented equipment do? Does it have the power to properly extract the flood residing in your home, will the fans provide enough ventilation to properly dry the area?
  3. How long do you plan to stay in your home? Is it worth the integrity of your house structure if you don?t repair the framing and drywall properly?
  4. Am I willing to risk my family?s health if I get my water removal and restoration plan wrong? Ever heard of mold? Mildew?  If water damage is not properly extracted, repaired, and restored you run the risk of mold, fungi, and other bacteria growing on your carpets, subfloors and walls.

Restoring damaged carpet using the ?Do It Yourself? approach may not be a good idea.  While it?s great to do things on your own; this may not be the right situation to test out a new ?learned? skill.  It?s just not worth compromising the health and safety of your home and family.  Mold and mildew from water damaged carpets can significantly impact your family?s health.  According to the CDC if you don?t get rid of mold in a timely manner, it just grows and spreads.  As it spreads you and your family?s health declines.  And here is the kicker- it?s harder to contain and clean up mildew and mold than it was to clean up water damage!

So before considering whether or not to restore your own water damaged carpet, examine the savings in time, health, and money you can have in the long term by calling Atlanta Carpet Restoration.   The stakes are high. Put your trust in our IICRC certified technicians.  And don?t forget our 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we re-clean at no cost. 

Take care and restore water damage once and for all with the experts at Atlanta Carpet Restoration: (770) 484-7774