Why You Need to Get Help With Water Damage Fast!

Why You Need to Get Help With Water Damage Fast!

Have you ever walked in the door from a long day to find yourself standing in inches of water?  You look around, see your brand new couch trying to help the situation by soaking up as much water as it can. The water seems endless!  What are you going to do? Where do you start?

Call Atlanta Carpet Restoration: we will send IICRC trained technicians over and ease your mind.  The technicians conduct a loss assessment and evaluation, categorize the water type (Category 1-3) to classify the damage, and develop the best and most effective water restoration and water removal plan for your situation.  We work closely with you and discuss the best plan of action with you and your insurance recovery. Furthermore, we support you through the claim process to maximize your settlement in a timely manner.   It doesn?t matter the cause of the water damage – nature, sewage backup, or black water- Atlanta Carpet Restoration can fix them all in your home or office!

Our technicians and water extraction equipment are Atlanta?s top of the line in water damage restoration. We believe in highly qualified professional, reliable service, and the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Our focus is seeing you back in your home as it was before the water damage so that you can once again get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.  Our techs do whatever is needed to guide you through the cleanup process. We understand that having your home in disarray only adds stress to an already stressful time.  We are here to help!

Timing is essential in a water damage crisis.  We?ll quickly respond and extract water to minimize mold, damage, and repair cost.    Drying your damaged carpet completely is just as important as removing the water.  You must properly dry out the affected area to avoid dangerous mold or mildew issues that can come about later on.  Leaving the area damp will only harm the framing and drywall of your home, putting your it?s structure in danger.  The mold, mildew and bacteria growth is a real risk that needs to be reduced now and in the future. This is dangerous to all in the home, but especially impactful to children and the elderly.  We take care of you and restore your water damaged carpets so that potential problems can be avoided.

Save yourself from long term damage and continuous headaches by calling our experts in water removal and restoration. We take our role in the water damage recovery to the highest level.  When carpet water damage is quickly addressed and attended to correctly, it can save thousands of dollars, time, your health, and ultimately your home!  That is why Atlanta homeowners and business owners call Atlanta Carpet Restoration- for the best repair and service.